Delta Plus Systems Quiz #4 - Individual Protection

DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS QUIZ #4: Individual Protection

Do you want to test your knowledge about individual protection in the context of working at height? This quiz is for you.

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Delta Plus Systems Quiz - Individual Protection


Individual protection


Would you like to know more about golden rules of individual protection in a work at height context ?

Test your knowledge or deepen it with the DETA PLUS SYSTEMS Individual protection quiz!


In what order should the general principles of prevention of work at a height be prioritized?

The individual protection system user must never work alone.

A training is mandatory for individual protection system use.

When collective protection cannot be installed, from what height is the installation of individual protection system is mandatory?

Which statement concerning individual protection is right?

What are the prerequisites for a worker to work at height?

How often is refresher training for work at height required?

The minimum resistance required by the EN 795 standard for an anchor point is:

What are the 3 parameters for making an appropriate choice for the installation of personal protection?

All anchorage systems must be maintained in a state of compliance and therefore be tested regularly.

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