ALTIRAIL LR – long-span fall protection rigid system

The ALTIRAIL LR rail lifeline is a rigid horizontal fall protection rail system.


Effective even at low fall heights, it is designed to secure structures where the available fixing supports are widely spaced. A perfect solution for securing gantries, for example.


Just like its little brother the ATIRAIL, the ALTIRAIL LR can be used at distance, in tension or suspension, on all types of structures.

  • Innovation
    Ideal solution for installations requiring significant fixing spans
    Fixing span: 8m
  • Adaptability
    Fixing support adaptable to any structure thickness
  • Safety
    Runner fitted with 2 security hooks
    Screw pre-coated with threadlocker against untightening
  • Resistance
    High strenght of the profile
  • User-friendly
    Runner with plastic rollers on bearings for a smooth circulation
  • Long-lasting lifespan
    Inox 316 metallic runner adapted to agressive environments

ALTIRAL LR on gantries

Overhead application


Dedicated runner

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