Quizz #2 -Responsabilities and Safety at height

DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS QUIZ #2: Responsabilities and Safety at height

Do you want to test your knowledge about the responsibilities engaged by the stakeholders in the context of working at height? This quiz is for you.

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DPSYS quiz Responsabilities & safety at height


Responsabilities and Safety at height

Would you like to know more about the liabilities incurred by stakeholders when working at height?

Test your knowledge or deepen it with the DETA PLUS SYSTEMS Responsibilities and Safety at height quiz!

As an employer, I must provide my employees a work at height training if their work includes some intervention at height.

As the employer, it is my responsibility to provide to my employees protection equipment against falls from height freely whether it is collective or individual and therefore strictly personal.

As the building owner, I have to make a full evaluation of my building’s risks.

As the project owner, I am not responsible for anything.

Can I access to the roof with a nacelle?

The employee is in charge of informing employees:

The employer is responsible for providing its employees a fall from height prevention system or equipment.

Who is responsible for safety measures against falls for the protection of the operators (even external) within the building?

It is the employee’s responsibility, within the framework of his company’s prevention policy, to :

Maintenance fil and the Operating and Maintenance Manual are mandatory.

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