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DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS QUIZ #3: Collective Protection

Do you want to test your knowledge about collective protection in the context of working at height? This quiz is for you.

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Collective protection


Would you like to know more about golden rules of collective protection in a work at height context ?

Test your knowledge or deepen it with the DETA PLUS SYSTEMS Collective protection quiz!


In what order should the general principles of prevention of work at a height be prioritized?

Collective protection:

The current standards for securing flat roofs accessible to the public are the same as those for securing flat roofs not accessible to the public.

Is guardrail in roof’s periphery mandatory?

Is a caged ladder can be considered as a collective protection?

Guardrails :

On a flat roof, the installation of a guardrail on roof edges is sufficient to protect against falls from height.

Translucents and skylights do not need any dedicated fall protection:

Fall protection grids must respect several standards, what are they about?

Training is the priority in terms of safety at height, what can il be about?

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